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Mi porfolio de idiomas:

– 03/05/2006 DELE Inicial (B1)
06/08/2006 DELE Intermedio (B2)
06/05/2007 DELE Superior (C2)

01/06/2011 FCE (B2)
01/06/2012 CAE (C1)

22/05/2011 HSK 1 (A1)
18/03/2012 HSK 2 (A2)

Competencias Informàticas:
– Html

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  1. Hello. I am contacting you because I was the top contributor to the website GosuBuilds, but have left the website in order to create my own site, IMBAbuilds.

    I have written the entire story on reddit here: http://www.reddit.com/r/starcraft/comments/1ehep0/the_rise_of_imbabuilds_the_fall_of_gosubuilds/

    In your sidebar, you are still linking to my old site, but after reading my story, I hope you will understand why I am now asking you: Could you change your links on your website from GosuBuilds to IMBAbuilds? It would really mean a lot, as a lot of our Spanish traffic goes through you.

    Thanks for listening!

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